Ottawa Real Estate Market in 2022

Ottawa Real Estate Market in 2022

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It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Ottawa is one of the fastest-growing real estate markets in Canada right now

10 Tips for Buying a House in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

1. Start doing your research

First things first, just like planning for a vacation or looking for a new job, the first step in starting anything is conducting thorough research. For example, start looking at houses for sale in Ottawa.

What neighbourhoods around the city are you looking at and ask yourself, why? What kinds of communities will bring value to yourself and/or your family? Are there certain resources that you would like to be near, such as schools, golf courses, malls, grocery stores, etc. This will help you start your search in the right direction.

2. Decide your budget

The most important aspect of your planning is establishing a sound budget. Although be prepared, you may come across beautiful properties that catch your eye and suddenly money is no object.

This can make the process of buying and searching for homes stressful and confusing for you. There are many houses for sale in Ottawa that have various price points in neighbourhoods stretched throughout the city.

3. Make your Wishlist

Now comes the fun part! To help guide you, some common factors to consider are; The neighbourhood, bedrooms, baths, parking, type of home, style of house and square footage.

When creating this wish list, it is helpful to breakdown these items as:

  • Must have
  • Very important
  • Important
  • Would like to have

That way, if you end up finding a few worthwhile options of houses for sale around Ottawa, then you will be able to compare them while keeping in mind the factors you initially set for yourself. Additionally, it can help remind you of what characteristics to compromise on and can help to narrow the search as well.

4. Find a Real Estate agent you can Trust

Finding the right Real State Agent can be daunting, but it doesn't need to be! Firstly, you will want to find someone that you are able to connect with.

Having a good understanding with your agent is crucial so that the conversations between you are constructive and well informed.

Ideally you’ll also want to look out for someone with strong conversational and negotiation skills.

Through initial conversations, you want to gage if you’ll be able to trust them and feel as if they have your best interest at heart. Sometimes all it takes is a gut feeling.

Another aspect to look for is their strong core values and how they align with your own. All in all - a passionate agent who has clear lines of communication with you is who you will want to join you in your quest for a new home.

5. Get a mortgage approval

To begin the mortgage process, you should look into getting pre-approval as some sellers will want to see a pre approval letter upon and doing so will also help in kick starting negotiations.

This will help you look like a credible buyer and can be an important asset when competing with other buyers.

There are certain documentation you will need for this process such as; proof of income, proof of assets, good credit, employment verification and other documentation the lender may request.

For further information on getting mortgage approval for houses for sale in Ottawa you can refer to

6. Pros and cons of each listing

After what may seem like a long tiring search, or being stuck with an abundance of great choices, this is the part where you lay your favorite properties in front of you to make your decision.

For many people, each property they like has its own selling characteristic or two such as a well-developed basement or close proximity to a school.

In the end, it’s basically a numbers game - when looking at the facts you’ll want to go with the home that gives you the most reasons to live in it.

7. Choose your dream home

Once you have scoured through your options and have narrowed down the best 2-3 options of your dream home, it is finally time to take that huge step.

Make the decision for the exciting new journey ahead of you. It is important to feel confident and comfortable in your decision so it's okay to take your time.

8. Make a winning offer with your realtor

Going back to our previous point on choosing an agent with sound negotiation skills, you’ll want to make sure you are not over or underbidding for the property.

Work with your realtor as they will have good knowledge of market value and the appropriate bidding offer.

Once the negotiations have begun, you will want to see if there are items you want to include in the offer or certain upgrades to the house that you believe the seller should cover, for example.

In order for that to happen you will need to have someone conduct a home inspection and review the report in detail.

9. Close the deal

The final step; closing the deal. Now it is finally time to celebrate! When reaching this stage you’ll want to review the contracts and agreements a few times thoroughly to ensure nothing has slipped through the cracks. Afterwards, you’ll be onto furniture shopping!

10. Overall

Thinking of all the steps that go into buying a home can feel overwhelming, however having a solid plan and working with trustworthy people that understand your needs will turn it into a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

10 Tips for Buying a House In Ottawa, Ontario
  • Start doing your research
  • Decide your budget
  • Make your wishlist

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